E1 Carbon "Leg" Ultra Soft Clicker [Type: V1 0.6mm]

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The E1 Carbon "Sexy Leg" Clicker comprises 3 parts, the clicker itself, the locking star and a tightening tool. Traditionally, many competitive archers would purchase a carbon clicker with a metal cap on the end and then remove this cap prior to use. We've removed this step! By providing an all carbon clicker that is easily tightened to the riser to avoid any kind of movement whilst shooting. As well as being a slightly unique design, the benefit of having a clicker at such an angle, means that regardless of how far the clicker is extended along the plate, the end of the clicker will always be vertical in relation to the arrow. This stops any rotation or additional clicking noises when the clicker is passing over the bulge of the point. 

This is the "softest" version of all 3 clickers and is the most different to any clickers currently on the market. The softer material also produces a quieter noise, leaving the archer to "feel" the clicker or watch for movement. Rather than hear the distinctive noise produced by the others. Primarily designed as a training aid, this clicker also favours those archers who occasionally experience the mishap of having an arrow leave their bow, prior to the clicker leaving the arrow. Due to the soft nature of the material, this clicker will punish the archer less should they experience this scenario.

This clicker is also ideal for archers using an extremely soft pressure button, as there is no risk of the clicker pushing the arrow into the button and changing the tune. Due to the nature of this softer carbon, it provides a different shooting experience as the clicker does not push the shaft into the riser as traditional clickers do, further illustrating any flaws with the archers hook on the string.

The "heel" of the clicker, also assists the awareness of the archer if they happen to draw back with their arrow sitting on top of the plunger button. As this will result in a much longer draw length than usual, therefore alerting the archer to the issue. The “stiffness” of the leg clicker can also be adjusted by moving the clicker further away from the riser, as illustrated above. The closer to the riser, the louder the “click” will sound, with the opposite result being achieved by moving the clicker further away. Carbon Clickers are up to 5x less dense than clickers made from other materials, making it far less punishing on any shots that may happen to slip through your fingers before the clicker is able to move.

Please note, as this version of the clicker is straight, it is suitable for both LH and RH archers. 

V1 - 0.6mm width. Louder 'click', provides a softer sound than a standard clicker

V2 - 0.3mm width. Softer 'click', provides an even softer softer sound than our V1 Ultra Soft Clicker.

Features include;

  • Low profile blade
  • Softer feel on arrow
  • No more metal parts that move or fall off over time
  • Choose your own level of stiffness, by adjusting the locking star in or out from the riser
  • No annoying buzzing sound.
  • Easy to adjust, 3x less likely to move than any other commercial clicker thanks to our Lockdown Wrench and Star.
  • Available in a smart black cross-hatched black colour


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Brand E1
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.020m
Shipping Length 0.100m

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