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Pack of (3) 100 grain Annihilator Broadheads

Annihilator Broadheads are engineered to fly like field points, be nearly indestructible, pass-through animals, and increase lethality over other designs. The Annihilator is a new shape defining an evolution in broadhead efficiency to ethically take game with a bow or crossbow. Review our Why Annihilator PDF for more details.


Animals expire faster with the Annihilator

Punches holes through any size game animals
Non-closing wound channels
Reduces friction on the arrow shaft or bolt
Induces pressure changes inside an animal's cavity 
Annihilators hit the mark and last a lifetime
Easily resharpenable and reusable
Practically indestructible
Long-range field point accuracy
Use with compound bows, crossbows, traditional bows, longbows
Works at both high and low arrow speeds alike


Annihilators are proudly 100% designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
Standard size Annihilators proudly have a .910 inch cut diameter and do not pass through a 7/8 inch ring (.875). 
Annihilators have .180 square inches of cutting surface area; the largest cutting surface area of any other broadhead. See chart under product images for details.
Made of a single piece of 4140 alloy steel hardened to Rockwell RC: 52 with 30 degree beveled edges for superior edge retention and insane durability. 
Standard shaft length is .590" and fits most inserts, halfsert, or outsert systems that use a standard 8/32 thread pattern. Annihilators will bite with less than 1 full turn and concentrically self-align to the arrow insert. However, 100 grain Annihilators may not get the recommended 2 full turns with certain Ethics inserts and HIT inserts (depending on the depth HITs are glued).
Available in Deep Six.
Heads are match grade per pack guaranteeing all 3 broadheads weigh within 0.2 grains of each other.


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Brand Annihilator

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