Our Mission

Throughout his years in the sport, Alec has noticed that when archery is mentioned, almost everyone exclaims how much they would like to try it... and then they never do!

Through programs such as NASP, archery has shown itself to be not just a sport, but a life changing experience. From improving truancy rates, to increasing self confidence and the promotion of an active lifestyle. Archery has proven that it can make the difference. 

In an amateur sport where so many of our clubs are run by volunteers and are not easily accesible, it is vital to have commercial businesses that conduct classes, come 'n' trys, birthdays, corporate events and many more experiences where we can bring archery to individuals directly, rather than just relying on them to find archery!

Thus Eliza Archery was formed!

Get involved and use the hashtag;


As of 25/3/2024, we have helped over 10,000 people get involved in archery!



Here are just a few of the great brands that we stock, PSE, Bohning, Cartel, AAE, Tru Ball, Carbon Express, Hoyt, Win and Win, Diamond, Sure-Loc, Shibuya, Easton, Gold Tip, B-Stinger, Doinker, Samick, Sebastian Flute, WNS, Beiter, Brownell, Allen, Angel, Avalon, Axcel, Babolat, BCY, Bateman, Range-O-Matic, Legend Archery, Buzz Kill, G5, X-Spot, GWS, Infitec, MTM, Limbsaver, Mybo, Saber, Saunders, Slick, Spigarelli, Titan Scopes, Viper, Fairweather Archery, JVD, Fivics, Bushbow, Maple Leaf, Morrell, Nicetargets, Accubow, Mental Management, Astra Archery, Bearpaw, Barracuda, Bowmaster, Field and Stream, Pine Ridge, Third Hand, Prairie Innovators, Arrow Snot, Beier, Gunstar, Legacy, Neet, Option Archery, X Sight and many more...