Cancellations/Safety Policy

We require a minimum 10 person NON-REFUNDABLE deposit at the time of bookings for parties, archery tag, corporate, group or school bookings. "Try Archery" must be paid in full. This is to cover additional staff if needed and any admin involved with the use of the range around your booking. Bookings may not be cancelled after this point, however you may change the date/time and even package up until 14 days prior to your event.

"Try Archery" sessions may be cancelled and refunded if at least 48 hours notice is provided.

All coaching sessions (online or in person) are to be paid in full prior to the session, and require at least 48 hours notice prior to cancelling to be eligble for a refund. Any other refunds or returns of deposit are at the sole discretion of Eliza Archery.

Should you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you are responsible for the full price (non-refundable 50% deposit, 50% remaining balance). Any other refunds or returns of deposit are at the sole discretion of Eliza Archery, please be aware that this is only in the case of extreme circumstances and will not be considered if less than 24 hours notice is given. 

Should you book any parties, archery tag, corporate, group or school bookings with 10 or more participants. We require at least 24 hours notice for any changes in the number of participants to be eligble for a refund (via e-mail). This is to allow sufficient time to adjust any changes in staffing requirements, or notifications to members wishing to use the range during that time. 


EA Safety Policy

Eliza Archery maintains strict safety protocols in order to keep you and others on the range safe. The key rules that will be mentioned are;
•    No arrows are to be touched or removed from the cone when others are in front of the shooting line 
•    The target is not to be approached until all others have finished shooting 
•    And you are only to shoot the target assigned to you.

Common sense rules also apply when using the range, please be aware that we have a “Two Strike” policy when using our facility. If any of these rules are broken, then a first warning will be given, should any of these rules be broken a 2nd time you will be asked to finish shooting and leave the range. Staff members reserve the right to bypass the first warning, should any behavior be displayed that is clearly not accidental. No refunds for a group or individual will be supplied if the session is cancelled due to improper use of the facility. 

Stay safe and enjoy your session 


Covid-19 Cancellations

Obviously due to the ever changing situation with lockdowns etc. bookings are hard to guarantee. To combat this, Eliza Archery is offering free rescheduling of any sessions booked within 12 months of the original booking date. This applies to all parties, "Try Archery" sessions and any other form of booking with Eliza Archery. Refunds will be in the form of store credit to be used when your booking is rescheduled (not to be used for retail). 


Inclement Weather Policy

Archery is primarily an outdoor sport, and as such all of our equipment is waterproof. All sessions held at Eliza Archery are indoors. For any off-site session, we are prepared to run these regardless of weather and so are unable to cancel/refund a session should the weather be unfavourable. We would suggest having an indoor venue at the premises available as a back-up, should you not wish to hold the session outdoors.