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The Arojac eliminates the need to hand twist arrows to break the bond from the target, reducing the stress on carbon arrow shafts. It can even pull arrows out of wood.

The Hamskea Archery Solutions AroJac arrow puller was designed to remove arrows from 3-D archery targets. To pull an arrow from a target, the arrow puller must be placed on the arrow shaft by opening the jaws with the thumb while centering the jaw grooves on the arrow shaft. Once the puller is centered on the arrow shaft, it is slid forward on the arrow shaft until the push-off-rod contacts the 3-D target. The AroJac puller grips the arrow shaft with its self gripping jaws while the lever handle is rotated backwards causing the jaws to move away from the target thus pulling the arrow out of the target with each stroke of the handle. A firm forward pressure on the handle while rotating the handle forward with each stroke slides the self gripping jaws forward on the arrow shaft until the push-off-rod again contacts the target. Again, rotating the handle back away from the target causes the jaws to grip and the arrow shaft to be pulled. The first jacking motion causes the arrow shaft to break its bond with the 3-D target. Additional jacking motions, while sliding the arrow puller forward on the arrow shaft as the handle is rotated forward, will completely remove the arrow from the target. Very difficult to pull arrows may require a gripping action with the left hand to assist the gripping force of the jaws while the right hand is used to rotate the handle back. Exercise caution to make certain that the arrow shaft is pulled straight back from the target and that excessive side pressure is not applied to the arrow shaft or AroJac puller.


When assembled, AroJacs are setup for right handed operation. The jaw links and extension spring are inserted into the jaws from the left side and the handle is installed on the left side of the puller. The jaw links, spring, and handle may be removed from the left side and installed on the right side to accommodate left hand operation. Proper tensioning of the handle pivoting bolt and the push-off-rod linkage bolt is essential for good operation. If the bolts are assembled too tight, the handle may not move freely and may bind. If the bolts are too loose, excess play may be felt in the handle. Tightening the locknuts firmly is required to prevent the bolts from rotating (either getting too tight or too loose) as the handle is rotated.

To prevent jaws from slipping on the arrow shaft, the jaws should be kept clean and free of arrow lubricant. It may be necessary to occasionally clean the AroJac gripping jaws with warm soapy water. Completely rinse all soap off the jaws after cleaning.

As arrows enter 3-D targets, they may become damaged by striking objects within the target (inserts or points from other arrows, rebar used to reinforce parts of the target, etc.). When arrows are removed from a target, inserts or arrow points may become unattached from the arrow shaft and remain in the target. Also, when multiple arrows are shot into a target together, one arrow striking another may damage one or both arrows. Therefore, it is critical that any arrow be completely examined after it is removed from a target to make certain that the arrow shaft is not damaged and that all arrow components (inserts, arrow points, nocks and vanes) are undamaged and in place. NEVER SHOOT ARROWS THAT ARE DAMAGED OR HAVE DAMAGED OR MISSING COMPONENTS!


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