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The Carbon Solo Quiver is the lightest weight, most adjustable bow quiver Hoyt has ever offered, designed to seamlessly integrate with your high performance Hoyt bow for a balanced and silent shooting experience.

An all new, extremely lightweight Hoyt design utilises a single hollow carbon tube for ultimate strength and adjustability, allowing for custom positioning given different arrow lengths and different axle to axle bow models.

The innovative solo carbon rod design is ultra stiff, stable and super lightweight. It also allows for an endless range of bracket adjustment for the tightest fit to your bow in multiple directions.

The all new design of the ultra light, low profile hood creates bullet proof protection for broadheads while contributing to the lowest mass weight quiver Hoyt has ever engineered.

The Carbon Solo 2 piece is made for those who prefer the extra span of the 2 piece quiver design.

The Hoyt Carbon Solo Quiver comes standard with two different silent capture grippers, allowing you to choose the tightest fit for your specific arrow diameter.

Available in a rock solid 2 piece model which includes two sets of mounting brackets and a replacement arrow gripper.

Hoyt carbon construction
Low profile hood
Silent, rock solid quick detach system
Incredibly tough
Extremely lightweight
Secures both small and large diameter arrows
Converts easily to left hand
Mounts directly to Hoyt riser
Compatible with hexagonal quiver mounts only
Fully illustrated instructions included
Two piece fixed mount
Keep it tight
Lightweight Carbon Rods
It all adds up
Silent arrow capture
Travel light and hunt smart!
Never get rattled
The Hoyt Carbon Solo 2 piece bow quiver is extremely light weight and designed to fit close and tight to your bow for a compact and well balanced set up. Carbon Solo bow quivers from Hoyt feature critical improvements to reduce vibration and induced noise for rattle-free performance.

The quiver mounts directly to the bow riser for a compact fit on Hoyt bows and offers ultimate arrow security. It is available in a 6 arrow capacity.

The Carbon Solo model is available in a camo or black finish to match your Hoyt hunting bow.

Lightweight carbon rods ensure a solid, durable connection without weighing you down and provides smooth, quiet performance.

The best bows in the world deserve a quiver of equal quality. Carbon Solo quivers from Hoyt mount as close to the bow as possible and allow for customised vertical positioning to achieve optimal feel and balance for improved comfort and accuracy.

A Hoyt Carbon Solo quiver is the perfect hunting partner for your hard-hunting Hoyt compound bow and represent the pinnacle of design, craftsmanship and function.

Featuring a high-impact resistant hood with an integrated noise and vibration damping system, all weather arrow grippers and a totally silent hood liner.

With all Hoyt Carbon Solo quivers, you get total compatibility with mechanical or fixed-blade broadheads and with carbon or aluminium arrows of any diameter.

Everything you need for your bow. Hoyt offers a complete line of high end bow accessories featuring the same innovative engineering and superior manufacturing as their critically acclaimed bows. For a complete line of Genuine Hoyt Accessories of sights, stabilisers, arrow rests and quivers.

Hoyt Carbon Solo 6 arrow 2 piece bow quiver.

Two piece quiver mounts directly to the riser for a secure, rattle-free, ultra-tight fit and longer span for ultimate arrow security
Enhanced fixed mount carbon frame design for a more rigid, sturdy and quiet quiver
Accepts both fixed & mechanical broadheads
Hoyt Carbon Technology with carbon rod construction delivers a super lightweight & extremely durable quiver
Arrow gripper securely holds all major arrow sizes of small & large diameter carbon or aluminium arrows for ultimate versatility
Custom positioning of mounting bracket lets you position the quiver up or down depending on arrow length, while maintaining a tight, compact fit to the bow
High-impact resistant hood with totally silent hood liner
Reduces vibration and induced noise
Simple and extremely effective
Robust designed brackets
Extremely durable and lightweight
Unbeatable balance, performance & durability
Weighs a mere 212 grams or 7.5 oz
Securely holds six carbon or aluminium arrows
Fits both right hand and left hand bows
Comes standard in 6 colour options of RealTree Edge, Gore Optifade Elevated II, Gore Optifade Subalpine, Kuiu Verde 2.0, Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren, BlackOut. Please specify colour choice
Built as tough as a Hoyt bow
The perfect hunting partner for your hard-hunting Hoyt compound. Hoyt Carbon Solo 6 arrow 2 piece bow quiver built as tough as the bows they're mounted on. Hoyt Carbon Solo quiver offers unbeatable balance, performance and durability. Genuine Hoyt Accessories.

If you have treated yourself to a new Hoyt bow, you need a Hoyt Carbon Solo bow quiver - no question. A serious quiver for serious bowhunters. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.


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Brand Hoyt
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Shipping Length 0.200m
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Hoyt Carbon solo 2 piece quiver

By: on 6 May 2020
I’ve shot numerous bows with bow quivers and have owned 4 myself and let me tell you that this stunning piece of machined artwork curbstomps it’s opposition with more ferocity than your crazy ex girlfriend. As assured you can be that a woodpecker pecks wood you can be assured that this bow quiver is rock solid. This isn’t some mere bow quiver that mounts on from the sight block as unsecured as a teenager about to loose their virginity! This here masterpiece is secured from TWO mounts! Which is likely more mounts than you’ll ever have at once. This bow quiver is tough as nails and despite vibrating sometimes being a pleasant experience it has absolutely none of it, the tough metal and carbon composite it’s made from ensure that when you run out of arrows and need to club that baby seal instead, it will hold together better than shit stuck to a blanket. Do yourself a favor and buy this here said bow quiver and own something that is at least twice more reliable than always going black on roulette

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