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HellRazor is quite possibly the strongest, toughest and sharpest broadhead money can buy. The New Archery Products or NAP HellRazor has become known for it's combination of extreme sharpness, durability and excellent penetration. With it's one piece, all stainless steel construction and cut-on-contact design, the HellRazor is the ultimate "do it all" fixed blade head. 

From lighter, shorter draw rigs with lower KE output to the fastest rigs in the field, the HellRazor is a fail safe bet for massive wound channels and deep penetration. 

From deer to moose and everything in between, there's no animal roaming this planet that the Hell Razor can't handle. 

When it comes to unfailing strength and blades so sharp you can shave with them, you can't top the HellRazor. 

The all stainless steel, one-piece welded cut-on-contact construction coupled with Photon blade bonding gives it the backbone and strength to maintain it's integrity when punching through bone, hide and dense muscle tissue. No loose blades ever. Computer designed.

HellRazor is designed to maximise accuracy and penetration. 

NAP has taken sharpness to a new level that no other competitor's broadheads in this category can match. 

The premium grade re-sharpenable blades make this an ideal companion for the bowhunter. Blades can be easily resharpened. 

HellRazor is sure to be a success with today's discriminating bowhunters as it was developed for bowhunters demanding the ultimate performance in flight and penetration for today's high speed bows. HellRazor blades actually create the tip. Its Photon blade bonding laser welds the .04" super thick cutlery-grade stainless steel blades together to create incredible strength, consistency and accuracy. 

This easy-to-tune broadhead is virtually indestructible due to its one piece design.

The Hellrazor can be resharpened, but practice is required to get a really sharp edge. The HellRazor is made from premium stainless steel that holds its edge much longer than other heads, but also means that it takes longer to resharpen. It's important that when you're finished, that the head can shave hair. Remember, if possible, hunt with brand new heads - they will always be the sharpest.

  • All stainless steel, one-piece, construction for strength and durability
  • Photon blade bonding gives it backbone and strength
  • The toughest, sharpest and most durable broadhead out there
  • 1.125" cutting diameter
  • Three .040" thick razor sharp blades
  • Three broadhead pack
  • No components to assemble or replace
  • Cut on contact design
  • Just screw it on and shoot
  • Flight tested for tack driving accuracy
  • For maximum strength and optimum flight characteristics
  • Can be resharpened
  • Available in 100 grains and 125 grains. Please specify weight choice

Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer's Choice harvested an excellent Yukon Moose with a HellRazor broadhead.

All steel strong. All steel tough. Sharp as hell. HellRazor bad intentions included.

This is what people have said about HellRazors.

"Just wanted to let you know that the HellRazor is one hell of a broadhead! I just shot the biggest buck of my life with your head! 42 yards and it flew like a field point. My friends keep asking me to try different heads but I just won't give up the HellRazor. Thanks Guys." From Karl

"I've never written to a company before about something that I've purchased. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your HellRazor 100 grain broadhead. It came out of the box super sharp and spun on my arrow like a top. I'm now comfortable shooting a fixed blade out to 50 yards because I know I'll be pinpoint accurate. Thanks for making such a good broadhead." From Richard

"Want to express my success with the HellRazor broadhead! I am currently sitting at a bear lodge in Maine enjoying my success of taking a 400 lbs bear with my favourite broadhead, that just took its 8th animal and still Hell Razor sharp! After reading an article in the Whitetail Journal Oct 09 issue page 53 of the G5 Montec, I felt compelled to write." From David, Robards, Kentucky, USA

"For the lightweight fixed blade broadhead class, this is the leader after 5 years of testing. The HellRazor comes out of the box sharper than any other head in it's class and even better than many replacement blade broadheads. Flight was very good @ 327fps and integrity was top notch when put through bone as well as hard impact tests. As with the Montec, this fixed blade head may well outlast your bow. Outstanding!" From Krisken Robinson

"The Hellrazor is the ultimate fixed blade broadhead. Have been using the G5 Montec but have had some issues with sharpness with this head. The Hellrazors offer great arrow flight, superior penetration and still maintains their sharpness. Will be going after Moose and Elk this Fall using this head. Fully expect good results. This head maintains sharpness better than any I have ever used. I use to be a mechanical user, but had some horrible results on different occasions using them. My broadhead of choice until something better comes along is the Hellrazor." From Charles, Putnam County, New York, USA

"The hellrazor 100 grain broad head devastated my big 5x5 bull elk. Shot went right through the massive animal and buried in a tree behind where the elk was standing. The broad head could not be removed from the tree as it cut through the wood, wedging itself deep. No other broad head that I've used has ever penetrated and cut so good. Deer don't stand a chance." From Travis Kidwell

"Last year I purchased a pack of HellRazor broadheads, 100 grain. From my first practice shot, I was amazed how straight and accurate my arrows flew. I had been in pursuit of a broadhead that flew straight. I could always zero in a broadhead or field tip, but there was always an arch, curve or angle that my arrow took. I am shooting a Reflex bow with 65lbs draw weight. I tried all kinds of broadheads, Muzzy, Thunderhead, Rocky mechanical, other mechanicals, field tips, etc. But I could never get a perfect flight. I certainly found it difficult to get the same flight from a broadhead that I got from my field tip. But once I tried the HellRazor broadhead I was sold after my first practice shot. The flight was perfect. I took a nice 8 pointer and doe last fall. Now I have the confidence in the flight of my arrows. I will continue to purchase HellRazor broadheads and recommend them to my friends." From Okemos, Michigan, USA


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