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Option sights are distinctly suited to the bowhunter and 3D shooter who loves to shoot as accurately with their hunting bow as with a target specific bow. The main feature that is superior to all other bow sights is the ability to remove multiple sight pins from view, while leaving a single adjustable pin in view.

There has never been a sight that allows you to have all the advantages of a multiple pin sight and a single pin sight in the same sight!

Option has a multi pin sight that in a quickly changing hunting scenario, with a flick of your wrist, quickly switches to a true one pin sight for pinpoint accuracy.

Many hunting situations allow time to range the target animal and dial a single pin for the exact yardage, but just as many times you don't have time to adjust the sight or you can't afford any movement as it may spook the animal. These situations are exactly what face hardcore bowhunters and Option has specifically designed the S Series to address these dilemmas.

The Option S Series sight features 7075 machined aluminium double track straight pins to withstand punishment that can occur out in the bush.

Option Archery's Option 6 S Series sight combines the best elements of fixed and movable pin sights into a sleek, tough and lightweight package. 

True to its name, the Option is able to transform from a hybrid fixed and movable pin sight into a true, single pin mover with the flick of a wrist. Option lets you choose the way you shoot at a moment's notice. 

The movable and fixed pins can all be in view at the same time, or the fixed pins can be easily rotated out of view for maximum single pin visibility. 

Exact yardage can be selected with the mobile pin whether the fixed pins are in view or not. 

Ultra strong magnets hold the fixed pin guard in the open or closed position and rubber dampeners ensure whisper quiet operation in the field. 

It can be flipped to the side quickly and easily, leaving you with one sliding pin and a wide open field of view. 

Fixed pins are individually adjustable for elevation, windage and rotation. 

Housing has micro adjustable windage and elevation for precise, easy adjustments. 

Sliding pin has a yardage indicator and comes with pre-printed yardage tapes. 

Completely protected fibre optics light the ultra-bright, perfectly aligned stainless steel pins. 

Second and third axis adjustments are simple to make in the pro shop or on the shooting range and team up with a bubble level to ensure perfect arrow travel, even on the steepest shot angles. 

Lightweight, rugged titanium pivot pins won't bend or break. 

2" diameter main housing. 

Sliding pin has 1.2" of vertical travel. 

Fibre optic pins are wrapped inside a translucent housing, protecting them from damage while maximising brightness. 

4" extension bar allows perfect alignment with your peep sight. 

Option Archery's commitment to bring target precision to hunting camp is evident in every aspect of this sight. 

The Option S Series is built with tight tolerance machining, clickable micro-adjust windage and elevation and a butter smooth, backlash-free helix drive movable pin system. 

One glance and it is easy to see that precision is in the Option's DNA. 

Option Archery started out as Trophy Taker, which was sold except for the Option sight and Option Quivalizer.

  • A fixed pin and sliding pin sight in one
  • Five fixed pins and one sliding or movable pin
  • Micro-adjust windage and elevation
  • Fixed pins allow quick shots
  • Sliding pin for precise yardage and wide open field of view
  • Fixed pin housing flips out of the way quickly and easily
  • Rubber dampened magnets securely hold fixed pin housing open while using the single pin option or closed for 5 pin option with 3 lbs of force
  • Rock solid 2nd & 3rd axis adjustment
  • 4 inch extension bar
  • .002 inch per click micro adjust windage and elevation
  • Titanium pivot pins
  • Clear reference marks
  • Movable pin adjustment knobs move pin .5" vertical per revolution
  • 2 inch diameter round housing aligns nicely with peep
  • Movable pin has 1.2 inch vertical travel which allows most hunting set-ups to sight in for 70 to 100 yards
  • Stainless pins are individually adjustable for both windage and rotation, ensuring perfect alignment
  • Maximum light gathering fibres protected by acrylic containment housing
  • Weighs only 8.8 ounces or 249.5 grams
  • Anodised black finish
  • Comes in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Made in the USA 

Option 6 S Series by Option Archery, the industry's most innovative archery sight. 

The image shown is for the Option 4 S Series by Option Archery, untill the 6-Pin image is available


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