Archery For Community Groups



So what will we do?

The session begins with a brief introduction, where safety and proper shooting technique is explained. Following this there will be a few "warm-up ends" to get the feel of how to shoot. Then they will be taught to score and start a mini competition amongst the group. We also have some animal targets to shoot at, if the group is comfortable with this. We finish with a good old fashioned balloon shoot, as you are never too old to shoot a balloon! 


When do they run?

We can run these sessions any day of the week. The "Ultimate Package" will need to be scheduled an hour before or after opening as we need to use the whole range for the tag component. e.g 9-11 or 3-5 on a weekend. Please contact us to confirm your session time prior to payment. 


What if i don't have 10 participants?

For less than 10, we would reccomend booking a "Try Archery" session at This means that you will not have an instructor present the whole session, but can be cheaper if there are fewer participants. 


We can come to you!

Eliza Archery provide all our own equipment. All you have to do is provide a safe venue around 50x10m to conduct the sessions (football ovals are perfect!). Set-up and pack-up takes between 10 and 15 minutes. It’s that easy!

We also have an archery range that you can hire, if you wish to source an alternative venue.




Fantastic! How do i book?

1) Head to

2) Please enter your desired date/time and your 2nd and or 3rd preference into the specifics field or send us an e-mail with your order number after booking. (Please note we require pre-payment of at least the minimum 10 participants to book).

3) We will confirm your booking usually within 48 hours and send you back a completed receipt with your allocated time/date. (Please keep an eye on your junk mail as some servers block our automated e-mails).

*No bookings will be confirmed until at least the minimum payment for 10 individuals has been received* This is so we can ensure that our staff will have adequate notice if additional are needed and as a courtesy for our members if we have to close the range for a booking. 

*All booking times/dates are to be confirmed via invoice only, no changes can be made over the phone and via e-mail only to avoid confusion*



*Cost is $40 per participant if you would just like 60min of archery tag. 


  •     $250 Guarantee Olympic Bronze Medallist, Alec Potts will run the session.


To make a booking, please head to the link below and choose the package and number of participants, then just give us a call or an e-mail(preferably at least a week prior) to book it in!