Christopher Jackson




Started at archery at 9 years old at the local come and try, and after many weeks of going back I decided to join the club. It wasn’t long before I started competitively, and haven’t looked back since.


Career Achievements

2023 Youth world championships

Multiple national youth titles

Multiple national records across several divisions

2024 Olympic trials

Multiple teams medals at Australian open

2023 Oceania championship medals

2023 Trans Tasman medals


Favorite Discipline (3D/Field/FITA, etc)



What is your most memorable experience in archery?     

 2022 Australian open, making the finals in the mixed team event. It was my first experience shooting on a finals field, in front of a crowd. And I somehow managed to shoot nothing but 9s the entire match. 


Best piece of advice for upcoming archers (Other than “shop at Eliza Archery”)? 

Don’t be afraid to sound stupid, ask the question.


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