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Since 2013, the aim of Eliza Archery has been to introduce as many people as possible to our wonderful sport of Archery. In this time, we have helped over 10,000 individuals shoot their first arrow and hopefully, get hooked on the sport.

Now we are wanting to help give back to the clubs where these people will be making their first foray into archery. We have had a number of product developments over the years to try and not only reduce the cost for clubs to obtain equipment, but also to reduce the work hours involved in maintenance of this equipment or sourcing replacement parts. An example of this is our Aeros arrows, which arrive pre-fletched and ready for the next beginners course. As well as our hoverball archery sets, which Archery Australia and many other RGBs have been using over the past few years, to promote archery in a safe setting and are extremely easy to set-up.

To this end, we have developed the 3 programs below;

  1. EA Club Ambassadors
  2. EA Pro Staff
  3. EA Youth Sponsorship Program

We are wanting to find the people in clubs who are deeply ingrained in their club culture and volunteering within their clubs or RGBs. We want to know how we can work with you to promote archery to your local community, whether this be through discounts on equipment for beginners courses, assisting your junior teams with equipment selection to best optimise their value for money. Or simply, providing a cheaper alternative for target faces, target butts or range timers. We also are looking for archers to join our “Pro Staff”, who are excelling within the sport and that we can support in their goals to represent Australia. We also recognize that the cost for parents is high, especially with youth archers regularly growing out of equipment, so we have established a program for promising youth archers. To help support their continued development.

Our mission has always been to promote archery as much as we possibly can and we want to recognize the importance of archers around Australia, in achieving this goal. If this sounds like you, or your club, or someone at your club that you know. Please reach out to us at elizaarchery@outlook.com with a few sentences on what you need help with and how you think this could grow archery in your area.

Or, if you're looking for more information. Click here to read some of the criteria we look for.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to grow archery in Australia!


EA Club Ambassadors


EA Pro Staff

  • Emily Cavell
  • Alec Potts
  • Laura Paeglis
  • Sarah Haywood
  • Astin Darcy
  • Kane Wilson
  • Christopher Jackson


EA Youth Sponsorship Program