Callum Ingley


Photo -  Neil Barkway Photography


Callum is 27 years old and has been shooting competitive archery for 15 years. He has won many State titles/records in Western Australia and been a part of the WA state team and Australian National team as well as the High Performance Squad in the lead up to the Rio Olympics.

He has competed Internationally for Australia in New Zealand (Oceania Championships, New Zealand Nationals), Malaysia (Asian Grand Prix) and China (World Cup Event 4 2011).


Career Achievements:

World Cup Team (2011), 3rd National Matchplay Series Final (2018), 1st Oceania Archery Championships 2012


Favorite Discipline (3D/Field/FITA, etc):



What is your most memorable experience in archery?

Seeing my name in the top ten on the scoreboard after the first end at a world cup event.


Best piece of advice for upcoming archers (Other than “shop at Eliza Archery”)?

Keep your focus on what you are doing on the shooting line, not at your arrows at the target .



  • Hoyt Prodigy/ F4

  • Easton X10 550

  • W&W Wiawis ACS Nano Stabilisers

  • Fairweather Tab

  • Shibuya Ultima Sight

  • Beiter Asymmetric Nocks

  • Spin Wings

  • Easton Chestguard

  • Angel Majesty String


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