Hamish Thompson


Pro Staff




Hamish started archery mid 2013, and began competing a year later. His love of hunting both on land and underwater fuel his desire of shooting excellence under pressure. 


Career Achievements:

- Youngest Australian to shoot a perfect 600 at national indoor (17 years old in 2017)
- 6th at 2016 World Field in junior compound

- 2018 World Indoor Championship Team Silver 
- Ranked 1st Nationally for open indoor (January 2018)
- Vegas 300

Favorite Discipline (3D/Field/FITA, etc):

Fita Target/Field

What is your most memorable experience in archery?     

2018 Vegas Shoot

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers (Other than “shop at Eliza Archery”)? 

Confidence is key

- Hoyt Prevail @ 59# 30.5”
- Easton Protour 380 & 2315 X23
- Axcel Achieve, AX-31 0.75 diopter 
- Truball Blade Pro, Honey Badger Claw
- Beestinger Premier Plus @ 33” 8oz @ 15” 17oz
- AAE Freakshow extended 

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