Archery Tag


Shoot your friends/colleagues with foam-tipped arrows. Sounds fun doesn’t it? That’s because it is fun! Eliza Archery is proud to introduce our own version of Archery Tag!Archery Tag is basically Paintball with Bows and is very similar to Dodgeball. We provide an inflatable battlefield and all playing equipment, including full mask, recurve bows, targets and foam tipped 'LARP' safety arrows. 

The equipment and games are easy to use, even if you have never shot a bow before! Throughout the course of your event we will run you through lots of fun game modes including Elimination, Team Death Match, Infection, Last Runner Standing and more. 

We run regular sessions on Saturdays at 4pm, you can book for these at 



We have equipment that caters from children to adults, The impact of the arrows is far less painful than paintball, and simply feels like a slight push. 

Pricing starts at $30/60min per person (min 10 people), and $20 for each hour after. 

Each session includes; 

  • Event Host
  • Bows/Arrows/Masks
  • Inflatable Obstacles
  • 10-15 min of training
  • 45min of Games Modes