E1 Arrow Spine, How Critical is it?

Author: Alec Potts   Date Posted:2 November 2021 


In this blog, we will discuss choosing the right arrow spine for your bow.

Arrow spine is a hotly debated topic, with many differing opinions on the topic. For a recurve archer, spine can be critical as the arrow needs to flex around the riser correctly. Too stiff and the arrow could be unstable in flight, too soft and you could experience clearance issues when the arrow leaves the bow. 

The important thing to remember when choosing an arrow for your bow, is that the guides available regardless of brand, are simply a guide and nothing more. There are so many variables that can change the spine suitable for any given bow, such as point weight, finger pressure, string material, limb material, facial contact and nock type just to name a few. 

For compound archers, spine is much less critical and will generally only show a noticeable difference when broadheads are used. When purchasing arrows, it's recommended to try a few different spines/lengths of arrows if you're trying to tune your bow. The E1 arrows are all available as a pre-made option and sold individually, so that you can find the most suitable spine for your bow, without having to purchase arrows by the dozen, cut them and build them only to find out they are not suited for your set-up.

It's also worth noting, that many cheaper arrows on the market may have noticeable variations within the spine of a specific dozen. For example, arrows listed as 500 may vary from 480-520 or even more! So it's not worth worrying too much if you're debating on choosing between a 350-400 spine $10 arrow as they will be very similar.

To get the best bang for your buck, purchasing cheaper arrows in bulk such as 3-4doz at a time. Enables you to then sort through a wider number of arrows, to find the best matched 12 in both straightness and spine. For example, the purchase of 4dz 0.006 arrows may cost the same as 1dz 0.001 arrows. But if you were to purchase the 4doz and match 12, you would have very close performance to the more expensive set, but now you have 3doz extra arrows at your disposal for practice. 

The table below is a guide for E1 arrows for Traditional and Recurve bows. For an average compound bow, somewhere around the 400-350 mark is usually suitable. 


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