Understanding Archery; How to Shoot a Recurve Bow

Author: Alec Potts   Date Posted:22 August 2018 

This is the first part in a four part series, designed to teach you the basics of how to shoot the 4 main types of bows. 

So today we’re going to cover the basics of how to shoot a recurve bow.

A recurve bow is different from a longbow in that the ends of the limbs are curved away from the bow towards the target. A longbow is where the string does not contact the limb, except for the string groove. The recurve is also the only bow currently allowed in the Olympic Games. 

  1. The first step, is to stand on the line with your feet about shoulder width apart.
  2. Position your hand into the grip.
  3. Next, load your arrow underneath the nocking point and position it on the arrow rest, level with the pressure button, with one fletch facing away from the riser.
  4. Then take 3 fingers, placing one above the arrow and two underneath. 
  5. Draw the bow back until the string contacts the front of your nose and your index finger runs underneath your jaw bone.
  6. Position your sight in the middle of the target
  7. And to release simply relax your fingers off the bowstring. 


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