Why Buy From an Archery Shop?

Author: Alec Potts   Date Posted:4 October 2018 


The online market for cheap archery equipment, made in countries and environments where quality control is minimal or non-existent is unfortunately growing rapidly. When you first get into archery, it can be quite daunting to understand exactly what goes into firing an arrow and the forces involved. But here is a little summary;


  • An arrow from a compound bow travels on average 250-300 km/h
  • An arrow will flex quite dramatically during it’s flight 
  • Many arrows purchased from non-reputable manufacturers are built with weaker, inadequate materials such as fiberglass
  • These arrows are travelling very fast and flexing quite a lot, just a few centimeters above your hand


There have been many, many cases of injuries being reported from archers who have purchased these bows or arrows and have had arrows shatter during the shot, leaving shards of carbon in their hand, or bows that have broken through the riser, where the cam has come backwards at speed and hit the archer. By purchasing from a reputable archery shop, not only are you obtaining a product with increased performanceadjustment and also a warranty. But most importantly you are using a product that is safe