"Have a Shot" Package


We start off the party teaching the participants how to shoot and then cover the basic safety rules. After this, they are given a few ends to develop their “knack” for shooting. Following this we have a few “Lord of The Rings” style ends where all children will shoot their arrows at the same time, creating a volley of arrows! And then come the balloons!

The arrow volleys will continue at the balloons and then the children will get an opportunity to shoot at the balloons individually for prizes! We invite you to bring in a pinata and they can finish off by destroying that! (Fillings need to be wrapped and soft like: minties, fantales, sherbies. Hard lollies, like red skins, will shatter).

All up the whole session usually takes around 60-90 minutes.



*     $250 Guarantee Olympic Bronze Medallist, Alec Potts will run the party.

*     $2 Target Face Goody Bag Filler (per head)

*     $5 Real Arrow! Goody Bag Filler (per head)