Have A Shot Package


Eliza Archery is proud to offer our, “Have a Shot Package”. These sessions run for approximately 90 minutes and is led by 2016 Olympic Medallist, Alec Potts. In this session you will be taught the basics of how to shoot a bow and arrow and then engage in a mock Olympic round! Participants will shoot a 12 arrow ranking round, followed by splitting into teams and shooting some head-to-head rounds. Alec explains the mindset required to win an Olympic Medal and puts the team through a variety of scenarios designed to test their cohesiveness under pressure. 

The teams will then be involved in a sudden death shoot-down, where the winning team will then split up to determine the winning archer. This archer will be presented with their own arrow, personally signed by Alec Potts. We finish with a good ol’ Hollywood style balloon shoot, as you’re never to old to pop some balloons!